Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Electric Avenue 2013 - Seen by Many, Enjoyed, and Sad to see it wrap!

With all committed exhibitors making it on site - this was a first - in that 100% of Committed Exhibitors made it on site, and while the Tesla's drew some of the biggest crowd - all the vehicles got traction from the Students, Guests, and Visitors! It was difficult to end the show at 3 PM to start the Load Out - as guests wanted to spend more time discussing the Vehicles, Components, and Electric Vehicle Ideas!

We managed a quick and smooth exit plan - thanks to all the exhibitors and good timing so as to not interfere with Formula North Competitors coming back into the Arena from the Track!

Many thanks to Formula North and the 35 Formula Racing Teams that also provided a large part of our guest and visitor base for Electric Avenue 2013! Not just as curious visitors, but knowledgeable investigators!

With 3 OEM Electric Vehicles and 3 Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects in varying states of completion - plus Electric Vehicle Memberships offered, and EV Conversion components on display from Darius and Stefan - there was a nice, simple spread of ideas to review at this - our First "Electric Avenue!"

A Special Thank you to those who attended and supported Formula North 2013 and Electric Avenue 2013!

If you would like to see a return of Electric Avenue for 2014 - please send in your thoughts to us at our General Email - at as shown on our Contact Us page. If you registered to attend Electric Avenue 2013 - you should by now have received a Survey about Electric Avenue with a request to respond! If that has not been received and you would like to complete it - also advise us in an email to the same contact email above.

Thanks once again!

Robert Weekley
Electric Avenue 2013.

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