Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Electric Avenue 2013 gets its First Flyer, Updated Map, Menu added!

OK - it's not yet pretty - but the Electric Avenue Web Site got a bit of an addition today, with the addition of the Grounds and Arena Map - Linked as pdf files for printing, as well as the first Electric Avenue 2013 Flyer.

The Existing Map - on the index page - was shrunk and redone yesterday with a link out to a second page - and that was then redone with a staged 'Zoom in Effect' on the Google Map image, followed by a final Satellite View image for the Grounds at Barrie Molson Centre.

Then I decided to create a quick Menu for the two pages to link out to the Flyer, Map, and Grounds/Arena Map.

Like I said - it was a last minute thought - but it gets the required content accessible!

The only ticketing remaining open on our site now is for Guests, and that comes with a note to register before May 15th - if you want to be notified in time to acquire Multiple Day Tickets for Formula North 2013.

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