Sunday 16 August 2020

Whatever Happened to Electric Avenue?

 Electric Avenue - Was an Extra Event, organized in Concert with Formula North, by some of the EV Fest Team, back in 2013, to support the Students Vision of The Formula Racers Being Built with Hybrid, And or Electric Drivetrains. A Selection of EV Fest Exhibitors Attended the Formula North 2013 Event, and were Sub-Labeled "Electric Avenue 2013" as a Part of that Event! They were, in Turn, Supported by the Staff and Team of Formula North.

A Repeat coordinated event with Formula North in 2014 Did not happen, due to Scheduling and Organizing Timing Challenges, and Since has not been Re-Visited.

Additional ideas for Electric Avenue have been Considered by the EV fest Team, to Organize Co-Located EV Activities and Events, along with Other Public Events, but have not yet been developed to the Point of Practical Materialization.

As of August 2020, Current COVID-19 Realities have also been a Strain on Event Development of In Person Larger Events, and the Funding of Such Events has been challenging in the past, without such additional strains, so creativity levels must be elevated for any similar events, and it seems the "FEEL" of an event, like these, with everyone required to wear masks, or shields, defeats a lot of the joy of such events.

Please Review this blog for any updates, in the coming months, as we attempt to redesign these kinds of events, in concert with other gatherings. (Obviously - Limits on Crowd Sizes need to be resolved, most obviously, by the result of Daily Cases of COVID-19 Dropping to a Point of near Zero, for an extended period of time, before such realities are practical.)

Based on the Workplace Requirements currently in Place, of Mandatory Mask Wearing On Property, I can Only Expect that until such Requirements are Lifted, any thoughts or revisiting Events like these, are under an extra burden of restriction, unsuitable for Serious Event Planning.

We May Consider Different Aspects for Electric Avenue, as well, to allow for Smaller Gatherings, at some point, going forward.

Monday 12 May 2014

2014 Opportunity for Electric Avenue: Available - but Skipped!
Join us at EV Fest 2014!

It has been requested that we hold Electric Avenue again this year in concert with Formula North 2014, with our day to be Sunday, May 25th, 2014! At the time we received this information - previous commitments had already been made, and this date was not available for me to be in attendance and complete the show organizing. I have to skip this year at the Formula North Event.

Possibly Other timings may be considered for Electric Avenue 2014, and for Electric Avenue 2015 we will return to Formula North.

In the mean time - EV Fest 2014 Electric vehicle Show IS ON for Fathers Day, Sunday, June 15th, 2014! It has moved this year from the Toronto Area, to Near Hamilton, Ontario to a new Sports Arena Facility with 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and over 250 Free Parking spaces! This facility has two complete Regulation sized Hockey arenas - and we have booked for one for EV Fest 2014, giving us 85' x 200' for our show space!

EV Fest 2014
Our 5th Anniversary, is being held at one of the finest LEED Certified Facilities in the Whole of the GTA and possibly in Southern Ontario!

Join us on Sunday,
June 15, 2014,
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM,27 Hwy 5 West,
North Wentworth Community Centre
Flamborough (Hamilton), Ontario

If you have friends who speak other languages - I have also added to the website - a basic page (Copy of the home page) in each of a few other languages: French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, & German, at present! See the EV Fest Blog post - "International Flavor!"

Sunday 25 August 2013

EV Fest 2013 information is up! Follow the EV Fest Blog for Ticket Discounts!

EV Fest has updated the website with Informational content for EV Fest 2013, and has the important Transaction content links incorporated (Tickets, Exhibitor Registration, Volunteers, and Sponsors)!

If you are familiar with past shows, the Show this year is at a new location!

Moving to 630 The East Mall offers more EV Chargers on Site, the chance to learn about a Solar Carport first hand, and opportunities to meet with our host - BAKA Mobile - the company that took the plunge to install a Solar Carport with Eight (8) EV Chargers all on the same site!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT),

BAKA Mobile

630  East Mall,

Etobicoke, Ontario
M9B 4B1, Canada

See their Plugshare Link, taking you to their Map & Location. Go to the EV Fest Website for full information.

If you follow the EV Fest Blog - you will get access to Ticket Discounts as they are announced there. You can also see the Facebook Page, or Follow on Twitter - which ever is best for you to get the Discounts for Tickets!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Electric Avenue 2013 - Seen by Many, Enjoyed, and Sad to see it wrap!

With all committed exhibitors making it on site - this was a first - in that 100% of Committed Exhibitors made it on site, and while the Tesla's drew some of the biggest crowd - all the vehicles got traction from the Students, Guests, and Visitors! It was difficult to end the show at 3 PM to start the Load Out - as guests wanted to spend more time discussing the Vehicles, Components, and Electric Vehicle Ideas!

We managed a quick and smooth exit plan - thanks to all the exhibitors and good timing so as to not interfere with Formula North Competitors coming back into the Arena from the Track!

Many thanks to Formula North and the 35 Formula Racing Teams that also provided a large part of our guest and visitor base for Electric Avenue 2013! Not just as curious visitors, but knowledgeable investigators!

With 3 OEM Electric Vehicles and 3 Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects in varying states of completion - plus Electric Vehicle Memberships offered, and EV Conversion components on display from Darius and Stefan - there was a nice, simple spread of ideas to review at this - our First "Electric Avenue!"

A Special Thank you to those who attended and supported Formula North 2013 and Electric Avenue 2013!

If you would like to see a return of Electric Avenue for 2014 - please send in your thoughts to us at our General Email - at as shown on our Contact Us page. If you registered to attend Electric Avenue 2013 - you should by now have received a Survey about Electric Avenue with a request to respond! If that has not been received and you would like to complete it - also advise us in an email to the same contact email above.

Thanks once again!

Robert Weekley
Electric Avenue 2013.

Monday 20 May 2013

New Menu Items Added, Exhibitors, Flyers, Charging Places!

Check out the new additions on the Electric Avenue Website!

There is now listed the Electric Avenue 2013 Exhibitors and their Floor Plan, Places to charge EV's in general, as well as Nearby, and the Flyer for Formula North 2013!

The menu has also been tweaked in style and added to the bottom of the page - so as you go through the site - you don't have to scroll back to the top more than required.

While you can just show up at Formula North 2013 - and pay the $5 Gate fee for any of the four days - May 23rd to May 26th - if you register at Electric Avenue's Registration Page - we can contact you for advising you about EV Fest 2013 - a Much Bigger Electric Vehicle Show - with more OEM Support, and more Dealers Support - plus more EV Conversions and other exhibits on this subject as well!

Check out the Exhibitors list from EV Fest 2012, or the Exhibitors List from EV Fest 2011!

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Electric Avenue 2013 gets its First Flyer, Updated Map, Menu added!

OK - it's not yet pretty - but the Electric Avenue Web Site got a bit of an addition today, with the addition of the Grounds and Arena Map - Linked as pdf files for printing, as well as the first Electric Avenue 2013 Flyer.

The Existing Map - on the index page - was shrunk and redone yesterday with a link out to a second page - and that was then redone with a staged 'Zoom in Effect' on the Google Map image, followed by a final Satellite View image for the Grounds at Barrie Molson Centre.

Then I decided to create a quick Menu for the two pages to link out to the Flyer, Map, and Grounds/Arena Map.

Like I said - it was a last minute thought - but it gets the required content accessible!

The only ticketing remaining open on our site now is for Guests, and that comes with a note to register before May 15th - if you want to be notified in time to acquire Multiple Day Tickets for Formula North 2013.

Friday 3 May 2013

New Registration Choice Added for Electric Avenue 2013

One Backup option was just added to the Registration for Electric Avenue 2013 Exhibitor Interest.

Since not everyone can respond in the required timely manner - and some just love to wait to the last minute - I have added "Electric Avenue 2013 Exhibitor Interest (Intention - Last Minute Notification)" to the Ticketing on - and on the embedded ticketing portion added to

The choice to charge $25.00 Plus Fees is to encourage a reduction in Last Minute Registrants!

The notes attached to that ticket state:

  • If you want to Exhibit at Electric Avenue 2013 - but decided too late, Here is a little motivation to try earlier next time - and to cover our last minute organizing costs. It is in addition to the Exhibitor Registration Fees from Formula North, and is Non-Refundable. This option expires at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013, to give you time to complete your Payment and Registration to Formula North by May 10th, 2013.

It might be a little unusual to charge such a late fee, but not all that much, considering most of those who miss the Friday Regular Deadline have been notified of this event - repeatedly for some time now - beginning in January, 2013, and have yet to respond. So if suddenly they decide to come - here is a little motivation to plan better for such events, instead of putting more pressure on all the organizers.

As they have known for some time also - this event is held in conjunction with Formula North - and they have had the tools on their site to complete the Exhibitor Registration with them - visible now for some time!

Hopefully everyone will get in line by tonight instead of paying extra for getting behind the 8-Ball!